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Deconstructing History through an Archeology of Language

World Fixing through Word Fixes.

Better History through Etymology. To make a better world, one of the places we need to go for fixes is the language we use. This is a general history site, but it also works in tandem with our desperate 2017 Brainxit exploration to help us understand why we're in such a pickle. Much of our misunderstanding is due to the blandly incorrect terminology we inherited from pre-Enlightenment ages (more recent than you'd think).

Etymology, Mother of Language. I happen to be a hobbyist and enthusiast about what I call the 'archeology of language.' Why do we make the sounds that we do? Those who do not live the reflected life will never ask the question, much less find (or care about) the answer. More on all this, because it's really quite relevant to how we see ourselves and our world. Only through understanding can we hope to make improvements.


Coming Soon: Let's try to understand why we don't understand many things because our words and phrases are wrong, or at least thoughtlessly spoken. Since many such misconceptions lead to untold bloodshed, we ought to at least try to stop killing each other over linguistic malapropisms like east and west, north and south, or who really owns the center of everything while everyone else is on the fringes looking in? The uncomfortable truth for chauvinists is that the Earth is a globe, so that any point you choose can be seen as the top, the bottom, or any compass point. Consider, for example, the thousands of years of animosity between north and south in Europe—I've given that a considerable bit of thought, and will impart some ideas here in due time.

Deconstructing history should help us to properly understand it, thereby improving the lives and vision of everyone on earth in a post-Eurocentric and post-Christiancentric world. The old world empires are dead and gone. Queen Elizabeth II, bless her, has spent the greater part of her post-World War II reign handing former territories back to native peoples around the world. Already there are signs that the Chinese and Indians may be asked to hand back sections of the United States…or maybe we can all just live together in peace rather than in pieces, and split the pie so everyone gets a fair slice? Probably asking too much as yet. We need to become more desperate, probably.

More Info TBD. Launching this site as a rough start to an ambitious project. Thanks for your patience.